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Wolfgang Stiegmaier

Head of Sales Lightweight & HF

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About 4a manufacturing

4a manufacturing is the world’s leading sandwich manufacturer, in the fields of lightweight construction, radome technology as well as in the consumer sector for acoustic applications. For almost 2 decades our innovative and high quality micro sandwich products are used in loudspeakers for cell phones, tablets and laptops. Our know-how lies in the production of high-quality thin rigid foam sheets, which makes us the technology leader in the fields of “thin foams” and micro-sandwiches. Based on that we have further specialized in the development and production of sandwich radomes in the range from below 10 GHz to 300 GHz. In our unique portfolio we offer standard radomes as well as customized radomes developed for application specific requirements.

4a manufacturing building

We continually strive to enhance and expand our lead through continuous optimization of processes and product adaptation. With our extensive experience in lightweight construction, composites and sandwich materials, our team can develop, optimize and customize solutions to meet individual customer needs.
Sustainability, climate protection, and environmental responsibility are central to our values, and we are committed to aligning our actions accordingly.

As such, we participate in the “Race to Zero” campaign and take all necessary measures to operate in a climate-neutral manner by 2050 at the latest. For that our comprehensive climate protection plan is divided into three pillars, which we aim to fully implement by 2030.

The first pillar focuses on reducing our own emissions by using renewable energy sources for production, storage and office spaces. Additionally, we utilize intelligent heat control systems to improve energy efficiency and have already achieved 90% of this milestone.

The second pillar involves reducing emissions in our supply chain and encouraging our suppliers to also participate in the “Race to Zero” campaign. In addition, the 1.5°C target is to be integrated into the annual supplier questionnaire and the supplier evaluation to ensure that suppliers really are doing their part to reduce emissions. Finally, the 1.5°C and net zero target are integrated into our vision. Climate protection is to act as a key figure and guiding star for the Board of Management, strategy and product management.

4a group

The 4a Group is divided into several companies, each with different focuses. These focuses are on lightweight construction, communication, as well as traffic and active vehicle safety. True to our motto “IN PHYSICS WE TRUST” and our values, always being one step ahead in technology and progress, we live and act. Continuous development, research, needs and requirement analyses, as well as continuous process optimization are absolutely paramount for us.

The development of special simulations for art and composite materials and their characteristics plays a central role in this. Our employees are experts in the fields of plastics, composite materials, lightweight construction, and mechatronics. We develop, produce, and optimize special testing and sensor systems. The spectrum ranges from the production of lightweight components for the acoustics and radome areas to the production of dummies and highly automated robot platforms.

In all areas, tests and simulations are constantly carried out, and scenarios are calculated, optimized, and executed to ensure the best possible, safest, and most efficient solution for the customer. Highly satisfied customers, top-class products, and innovative approaches are a guarantee and have the highest priority. The consistent alignment of our activities with the wishes of our customers is our most important goal. The use of our special technologies enables us to develop new and innovative products that secure the competitive advantage of our customers.

4a Values

Our team is highly motivated and customer-oriented, taking personal responsibility to develop and produce high-quality products that benefit our customers in a dynamic and inspiring work environment. Our organizational structure empowers each individual employee to make quick and competent decisions that align with customer needs and goals. We expect all employees to understand and internalize customer requirements in their projects

4 advanced customer orientation – Focused on Customer Needs

We always prioritize the wishes and requirements of our customers, working closely with them to identify the most efficient and effective solution. From ideation to serial production, customer satisfaction is always top of mind.

4 advanced Leadership in Technologies – Innovating Unique Solutions

We strive to go beyond what others have achieved, continuously improving and optimizing our processes to maintain our competitive edge. Innovation, progress, and creativity are at the core of our success, guided by our belief in “IN PHYSICS WE TRUST.

4 advanced Motivated & Professional Team – Embracing Pioneer Spirit

We leverage the talents and expertise of our employees and assign them to roles where they can thrive. Creating and collaborating together is key to our success, as is regular communication and information sharing.

4 advanced High Quality Outcom & Success – Driving Economic Success

We believe that the value of a product is not only defined by its features and performance, but also by its economic viability and profitability. As such, we prioritize economic success from the earliest stages of ideation through to large-scale production.

4a and sustainability

We understand the significance of climate protection and recognize the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is our responsibility to take proactive measures in this regard, which is why we actively participate in the “Race to Zero Campaign.”

4a sustainability logo

Our ultimate objective is to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and bring our emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases to net zero. To accomplish this, we have developed a comprehensive environmental program that encompasses various measures. For instance, we have been utilizing self-generated electricity from renewable sources like photovoltaic systems for some time now. Additionally, a majority of our vehicle fleet has already transitioned to electric power. To enhance the energy efficiency of our production processes and machinery, we embrace digital automation and continually seek suitable retrofit solutions. We have also implemented intelligent thermal control systems to improve thermal efficiency. In the future, the integration of the 1.5°C target will be part of our supplier evaluation process, influencing decisions regarding future collaborations. We aim to encourage and support our customers and suppliers to participate in this campaign and take proactive measures for climate protection.

In addition to our significant initiatives, we have developed an overarching environmental program. This includes continuous optimization of our waste separation system, a thorough examination of waste flows based on the input-output principle, improvement of delivery and pickup trips, and the adoption of reusable packaging between production and suppliers. Moreover, we introduced a “Bike to Work” program for our employees and encourage carpooling. Our production processes are optimized to exclusively employ a closed cooling cycle for our facilities. Sustainability and environmental protection are not mere buzzwords for us; they are vital and integral factors throughout our company. We emphasize the importance of increasing awareness among our employees regarding this critical issue. Our sense of community and unity comes into play here, as we believe that together we can truly effect change. Within the 4a Group, we take pride in making a significant contribution in this regard.

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