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CIMERA® radomes are ideal for 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) applications, offering excellent RF transparency and protection for sensitive electronics. They can be customized for specific antenna designs and applications, enabling high-performance 5G mmWave networks. Additionally, CIMERA® radomes are perfect for 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) and concealment solutions, providing RF transparency, frequency range flexibility, and durability in harsh environmental conditions.

5G mmWave

The emergence of 5G technology has brought about significant advancements in mobile connectivity, and small cell network infrastructure plays a vital role in realizing its full potential. Small cells are compact wireless access points that are strategically deployed in densely populated areas to enhance network capacity and coverage.

Our CIMERA radomes are designed to effectively protect 5G millimeter wave small cell antennas from environmental factors like rain, dust, and extreme temperatures while maintaining excellent RF transparency. The radomes can be customized to meet specific antenna designs and electromagnetic and mechanical requirements, ensuring optimization for various 5G millimeter wave applications such as fixed wireless access, small cell backhaul, and mobile broadband.

Furthermore, CIMERA® radomes can be tailored in various shapes and sizes, including flat and curved designs, offering increased flexibility in the design and deployment of 5G millimeter wave antenna systems. They can also be painted to blend with the surrounding environment, making them suitable for urban and residential areas.

As 5G technology continues to evolve, CIMERA® radomes will play an important role in high-performance networks, offering advantages such as enhanced antenna protection, improved RF performance, and design flexibility.

Fixed wireless access (FWA)

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a groundbreaking application of 5G technology that enables high-speed broadband connectivity without the need for traditional wired infrastructure. With FWA, users can access fast and reliable internet services using wireless connections, providing a flexible and cost-effective solution for both urban and rural areas.

4a manufacturing FWA

By leveraging the power of 5G networks, FWA offers gigabit-level speeds and low latency, rivaling or even surpassing wired broadband connections. It eliminates the need for physical cables, allowing internet service providers to quickly deploy broadband services to underserved regions or areas with limited infrastructure.

Our CIMERA® radomes are commonly used in 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) applications. The high frequency mmWave signals in 5G FWA demand precise transmission and reception capabilities, which our radomes provide. They are highly RF transparent, crucial for efficient 5G mmWave signal transmission. Additionally, they are rugged and weather-resistant for outdoor 5G FWA deployment. Radome shapes and sizes can be customized to suit various 5G FWA equipment requirements and can be painted to blend with the environment. These factors make CIMERA® radomes an excellent choice for 5G FWA applications.

Shrouds and concealments

The use of CIMERA® radomes for concealments and shrouds to hide mmWave radios is a great example of the versatility and adaptability of our product. With the increasing demand for small cell infrastructure, it’s essential to find solutions that not only meet technical requirements but also seamlessly blend with the surroundings. CIMERA® radomes can be designed to conceal radios while maintaining RF transparency and performance.

4a manufacturing radome shrouds

Their adjustable frequency range and high bandwidth design are particularly useful, allowing the concealment of various radio types simultaneously. This ability is especially valuable in areas where aesthetics matter, such as historic districts or upscale residential neighborhoods. By using CIMERA® radomes, carriers and municipalities can minimize the visual impact of small cell infrastructure while ensuring network coverage. Typically, these radomes have a cylindrical shape covering multiple radios on the inside, with the outer side customizable in color or artwork.

In summary, CIMERA® radomes used for concealment solutions in the 5G rollout exemplify our technology’s adaptability to diverse applications. Combining RF transparency, frequency range adjustability, and customizable design, CIMERA® concealment radomes offer an excellent solution for addressing the challenges in deploying small cell infrastructure.

Small Cell infrastructure

Small cell infrastructure is crucial for 5G network deployment, especially in densely populated areas where traditional macrocells may fall short in coverage and capacity. CIMERA® radomes are ideal for small cell architecture, as they offer necessary RF transparency, frequency range flexibility, and withstand harsh environmental conditions.4a manufacturing housing

Furthermore, CIMERA® radomes can be tailored to seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment, making them suitable for urban settings where aesthetics and visual impact are crucial. Telecom providers can choose shape, size and color of the radomes to match their corporate colors, making them visually appealing while still providing the necessary protection for the radio equipment inside.

In addition to their role in 5G small cell architecture, CIMERA® radomes are also used in concealing macrocells and rooftop installations, improving the visual impact of wireless infrastructure while ensuring equipment protection




CIMERA® radomes offer versatility in security, safeguarding sensitive electronic equipment in challenging environments. Known for their high impact resistance and minimal boresight error, they ensure antenna alignment even in adverse conditions. Our radomes excel in cross-polar discrimination, resisting extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and high humidity. Tailored to specific applications, they maintain high RF transparency for safety purposes.

CIMERA® radomes for security applications

CIMERA® radomes extend to specialized options for security applications, ensuring the protection of sensitive electronic equipment while maintaining high RF transparency. This combination enhances accuracy, precision, and uninterrupted signal transmission in challenging environments.

One of the main uses of CIMERA® radomes in this sector is the protection of antennas in rugged environments, designed to withstand harsh conditions and safeguard sensitive electronics. Additionally, our radomes can be painted with special colors, such as CARC (chemical agent resistant color) or ceramic based paints, to provide additional protection.

One key feature of CIMERA® radomes is their high impact resistance and bending stiffness, a critical aspect in the security sector where antennas may be exposed to environmental influences. Furthermore, their minimal boresight error ensures antenna alignment. This attribute is particularly important in applications where reliable communication is of utmost importance.

Another outstanding feature is the high cross-polar discrimination (XPD) of CIMERA® radomes, allowing accurate detection and communication in demanding environments, a crucial attribute for applications where reliable communication is paramount.

In addition, our radomes are exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and high humidity due to their high IP rating, providing ingress protection against water, dust, and contaminants. This is particularly important in environments where equipment is at risk of damage without proper protection. With CIMERA® radomes, antennas remain protected and operational, even under difficult environmental conditions.

CIMERA® radomes are also highly adaptable and suitable for a wide range of applications. They can be customized for user terminals, protecting sensitive electronic equipment, or applied in maritime settings to shield against harsh marine environment. In addition, CIMERA radomes are ideal for use with phased array antennas on drones and UAVs, providing high performance and protection for these sensitive antennas.

Overall, CIMERA® radomes are highly versatile and find applications in various security scenarios. They provide high levels of protection for sensitive electronic equipment while adapting seamlessly to diverse environments and situations. Their high impact resistance, bending stiffness, minimal boresight error, and high cross-polar discrimination (XPD) make them well-suited for security applications, where dependable communication is crucial. Furthermore, 4a’s expertise in agile project management ensures quickly delivery and iterative development to meet specific requirements.




The CIMERA® radome is a suitable solution for a range of satellite communication (Satcom) and satellite on the move communication applications (SOTM), including broadcast, public safety, transportation, and maritime. Tailored to specific application needs, it provides excellent protection and signal transmission for various antenna types. With its rugged design, impact resistance, and outstanding cross-polar discrimination (XPD), CIMERA radome enhances performance. It offers customization options, including individual colors, logos, and artwork, all while maintaining optimal performance. Furthermore, its high-angle-of-incidence capability ensures optimal performance even at high AOI.

CIMERA® satcom radome solutions

The CIMERA® radome is a highly effective solution for various satellite communication applications. From user terminals for government and law enforcement to first responders, humanitarian aid, broadcast, military terminals, satcom on the move, land mobility, public safety and maritime applications, CIMERA® radomes are tailored to meet the needs of each unique application area.

One of the main advantages of the CIMERA® radome in satellite communication is its ability to be used with phased array antennas. These antennas require a radome that can offer both protection and transparency to the transmitted signal. CIMERA® radomes can be tailored to meet these requirements while also ensuring optimal antenna performance. The radome’ s tailored design and precise production process ensure that it is perfectly adapted to the antenna and the application area, providing high protection and optimal signal transmission.

Another advantage of the CIMERA® radome in satellite communication is its rugged design. The radome can also be painted with CARC colors, making it ideal for military applications where the radome must blend in with its surroundings. The CIMERA® radome is also highly impact-resistant, which is important for use in harsh environments. In addition, the radome can withstand high temperatures and UV radiation, making

The CIMERA® radome excels in diverse satellite communication applications, serving user terminals for government, law enforcement, first responders, humanitarian aid, broadcast, satcom on the move, land mobility, public safety, and maritime needs. Each application area benefits from tailored solutions.

A key advantage of CIMERA® radomes in satellite communication is their ability to be used with phased array antennas, offering protection and signal transparency while optimizing antenna performance. Our precise radome design and production process ensure perfect adaptation to antennas and application areas, delivering robust protection and optimal signal transmission. Furthermore, CIMERA® radomes provide excellent cross-polar discrimination (XPD) and high angle of incidence (AOI) capabilities, ensuring strong signal maintenance even amidst interference from other polarized signals.

Additionally, CIMERA® radomes feature a rugged design and can be painted with CARC colors, blending seamlessly with their surroundings. They are highly impact-resistant, withstand extreme temperatures and UV radiation, ideal for harsh environments exposed to continuous sun radiation and high wind loads or hail.

Finally, CIMERA® radomes are highly customizable, accommodating individual colors, logos, and artwork to meet unique branding and aesthetic requirements. Based on a proprietary simulation of plane waves, they are optimized for each distinct antenna design.


Bodyscanner and high-end applications


CIMERA® radome is a high-quality solution for body scanners in medical and security imaging. Its unique features, including adaptability to different shapes, excellent RF transparency, impact resistance, and efficient manufacturing process, make it an ideal choice for millimeter-wave body scanners. Additionally, its ability to be produced in different colors and integration of logos allows for easy integration into the scanner’s design, making it a desirable solution for public areas.

CIMERA® body scanner high-end radome solutions

In the field of medical and security imaging, where the ability to detect and diagnose various health conditions, injuries, and threats makes body scanners a critical application. Our CIMERA® radome provides an ideal solution for such high-end scanners due to its unique design characteristics, superior RF performance and several advantages.

The CIMERA® radome stands out with its adaptability to various shapes, whether flat or curved, tailored to the scanner’s specific requirements. It can be produced as a large panel for seamless integration with existing housing or as a complete front housing for body scanners.

Additionally, its high-level RF transparency is crucial for body scanners, ensuring accurate detection and diagnosis by mitigating signal attenuation.

Furthermore, the CIMERA® radome’s remarkable impact resistance makes it durable, particularly for security applications, while its low boresight error and excellent cross-polar discrimination further enhance its performance and accuracy. CIMERA® radomes can be produced in individual colors, logos, and artwork, making it easy to integrate into scanner design, particularly for public areas.

CIMERA® radomes offer a precise and efficient manufacturing process due to their unique sandwich design and proprietary wave simulation. This results in a high-quality radome that meets the specific requirements of the body scanner application.

In conclusion, the CIMERA® radome is the ideal choice for high-end body scanners in healthcare and security. Its adaptability, RF transparency, durability, and precision manufacturing make it perfect for millimeter-wave body scanners. Furthermore, its customizable artwork options facilitate seamless integration into scanner design for public spaces.




CIMERA® radomes can be tailored for automotive radar applications starting at 76 GHz and offer excellent RF-transparency. They are adaptable in size and shape, and are able to withstand hard impacts (e.g., stone-chipping). Our radome approach ensures customers receive a high-quality product tailored to their specific needs, and discussions with OEM customers ensure perfect integration into the vehicle’s design. These features make CIMERA® radomes a perfect fit for enhancing safety in modern cars and further improve autonomous driving.

CIMERA® automotive radome solutions

In recent years, the growing demand for high-quality radar systems for motor vehicles has underscored the importance of radomes, with CIMERA® radomes proving to be the ideal solution for improving safety in modern vehicles. CIMERA® radomes are specifically designed to cater to automotive radar frequencies of 76 GHz and above, and they offer several benefits in this area.

One significant benefit of using CIMERA® radomes in automotive radar applications is that they are tailored to meet the RF requirements of the radar system, including high azimuth needs at low elevation. CIMERA® radomes are designed to be as RF-transparent as possible to reduce the power consumption of the radar system, which is crucial for automotive applications.

Furthermore, our CIMERA® radomes are able to withstand hard impacts such as stone chipping at higher speeds, protecting the radar system from environmental influences.

CIMERA® radomes are highly adaptable, seamlessly blending with the vehicle’s exterior design. They can be customized in color, size, and shape, meeting specific automotive application needs while providing effective moisture and dust protection through perfect sealing to meet IP requirements.

Our customized CIMERA® radome incorporates agile project management throughout the engineering phase, enabling us to quickly deliver first radome samples. Through iterative collaboration with the customer, we refine and develop the final solution, guaranteeing a high-quality product that meets their exact requirement.

CIMERA® radomes are a perfect fit for automotive radar applications, offering several benefits.  4a manufacturing’s use of agile project management ensures the delivery of top-quality products to our customers.

erfectly integrated into the design of the vehicle. All these features make CIMERA® radomes an ideal solution for automotive radar applications.


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