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We specialize in engineering and production of radomes, whether they are tailored to specific requirements or using predefined standard stack-ups that already work well for certain frequencies. Either way our radomes ensure optimal RF performance and functionality for the intended application.

Monolithic vs. CIMERA sandwich radome

Providing a radome that can withstand harsh environmental influences like hail, snow or high wind loads while providing a great electromagnetic performance especially at higher frequencies is a challenge for standard monolithic radomes. Compared to monolithic radomes, sandwich radomes provide better mechanical properties with optimized RF transparency at higher frequencies.

Below is a comparison of a monolithic with a sandwich radome over a frequency span of 15 GHz and with the same bending stiffness for both radomes. The respective transmission loss for parallel and perpendicular polarization is given:

The diagrams compare the transmission losses between a monolithic radome on the left with a CIMERA A-radome on the right side. The figures on the top show the perpendicular polarization, and the ones below show the parallel polarization. The angles of incidence (AOI) are 0° (blue line), 45° (red line) and 60° (green line).

The monolithic radome does have a transmission loss below 1 dB for all angle of incidences between 21 GHz to 25 GHz. For parallel polarization the monolithic radome shows a rise above 1 dB, what we consider a high loss, at about 25 GHz to 30 GHz and higher for an AOI of 0°. Whereas the transmission loss is <1dB for the whole frequency range of the CIMERA sandwich radome for both polarizations.  The monolithic radome has a frequency range of 4GHz for perpendicular below 1dB. In comparison the CIMERA sandwich radome shows a transmission loss <1 dB for the whole frequency range of 15 GHz for perpendicular and parallel polarization.

The comparison shows the benefit of low transmission loss of our CIMERA radomes. There are several other benefits that can help you achieve the best possible radome solution for your antenna and if you want to test the results on your own, let us know and we can provide you with a free sample of this radome. Get in contact with us now and secure your first CIMERA Radome sandwich out of our standard rad